Saturday, October 4, 2008

Uncovering Hardwood floors

Like all home improvement projects that I have ever worked on it always starts out as my thought that the project would be easy. One morning on a whim I was contemplating the flooring in my kitchen. I had placed down peel and stick a few years ago and of course they never last and you can never really clean them once you trash them. I have noticed that the kitchen floor seemed thicker than the hallway. So I took a flashlight and chisel and discovered hardwood floors! From the hallway into the kitchen the linoleum pulled up quickly. I thought wow this should be pretty easy. Take an evening rip up the floors, then sand, and polyeurithane. what could be so difficult?

Well the three layers of linoleum and the tar holding the ancient layer to the pine floor. One night turned to three or four with a heat gun and chisel. I had to heat the tar to near melting and then scrape it off. Then I would use a large scraper if I could het a foothold on section.

Yeah and I forgot, I never remove stuff out of a work area. I left all my dishes and what not, in the kitchen while I worked. The photos shows removal of the flooring.

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