Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Flat Stanley's Adventures With Leigh of Atlanta

Flat Stanley has been enjoying a whirlwind adventures here on the East Coast of America.The first photo showing Stanley enjoying a lovely airplane ride. Was that seat paid for? Stanley has found some friends in Atlanta. In one activity he was thrust out into to bitter cold and dirty snow after frolicking in the snow he was awarded a cool alcoholic beverage. Stanley enjoyed the sweet taste of Maraschino Cherries. More adventures with Leigh later.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flat Stanley Plays the Numbers

To support the Florida School system Flat Stanley and I ventured out to try our luck on the Florida Lottery. The Florida Lottery was voted into Florida as a way to "suppliment" school funding. Now we need to keep playing so that Janie and Louis can have supplies as state, non lottery money has been cut.

"Play on"! Says Stanley

Sorry Stanley, Scratch-off tickets favor the house in odds of winning.

Postscript: we did not win but the kids of Florida will have funding.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Flat Stanley Gets a Job

Flat Stanley arrived the other day to Inky Fingers Printing where I am the resident Art Director. After cutting him out of his imprisonment I immediately put Flat Stanley to work. There is no state law that protects flat paper boys from working. Stanley learned to punch a time clock, then he was Herve's assistant on the two color press. He wanted to help Billy on the large press but Billy would have nothing to do with Stanley. Sorry Stanley. For some reason the large paper cutter gave Stanley such a terror.

Good Job Stanley!

Flat Stanley Project

My niece, Princess Monkey Pie had sent me a small paper boy named Flat Stanley from Washington state. The idea is that I would take Flat Stanley on a whirl wind adventure in my neck of the woods, here in Florida. My idea is to allow my friends to have some time with Stanley as well. They will send images of Stanley having fun. I will post photos here of his progress and with the idea that I will make a travel book to mail back to Princess Monkey Pie.

This is Flat Stanley as depicted by Gianna Monkey Pie. Yes, those are claws. I thought he was a super model.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Photo of the Day: Humans Stop Using Gas

This sign was down the street from my work. I am guessing the owner of Cycle City made this.
Funny thing is he drives his Volvo to his bike shop.