Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Wish -photo of the Day

So the end of 2009 is at hand. I spent the day arranging my my art lab for a New Year of Art experimentation. I am still looking for my own personal style. Maybe when I am 80. But right now I enjoy tinkering with graphics, drawing, and working on new Steampunk ideas. Hopefully with a more organized space (I forget which was more devious and clean space or messy) I will get even more projects completed. this is not a resolution as I do not believe im them.

The photo below I took while on holiday (the 4th of July) in Boston. That is the statue of Benefactor John Harvard. The shiney part of his shoe is from years of Freshmen who rub the toe for either good luck or a wish.

My New Year's magic is to grant anyone a mediocre wish retailing $1.00 plus your local tax when you rub the shoe in the picture. Happy New Year to all.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Photo of the Day - Lone Grapefruit

I saw this grapefruit tree on my way to work. It reminded me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. This is Florida and there are citrus trees about and this tree seems like it will thrive, unlike the Charlie Brown Tree which will be thrown out on New Years Day. Happy New Year to you all.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Look Ma, no computer

I downloaded an iTouch app, which is short for application, that allows for updating one's blog without the use of your computer or laptop. The app is called Blogpress.

The price is $2.99 and I am just testing this post to see if this works out. Sometimes I would like to be able to update without sitting in front of a screen to perhaps just jot a small note.

This might allow me to post more items to my small space of the Internet.

One can save a draft before you upload your post. You can add photos from you iTouch/iPhone photo library such as the one below.

I hate to say that dropping in a photo seems a bit easier than Blogspot's program.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photos of my Steampunk Influenced Living Room

This is a bit out of order but here are the images of my Steampunk influenced living room.

My Steampunk Influenced rooms

Some backgroundhistory of Spazhouse. It is a turn of the century, 1901 -1911, 1300 square foot converted carriage house. The building housed what may be called a mother-in-law apartment above the area that housed the carriage or later on the horseless carriage. Spazhouse is thought to belong to a very large Mansion on the corner two houses away. the owner and I have found a walkway that would seem to have connected to both our properties at one time. Eventually a house was built in front of Spazhouse, then a fire destroyed the house. There is an expansive front yard from Spazhouse to the sidewalk.

The living quarters are upstairs the ceilings are at an airy nine feet, complete with picture hanging molding. Special hooks latch on the the molding and pictures are hung by wires. It saved walls from nail holes. The floors in the living quarters, that is what I call the upstairs of my house, have a real nice quality of heart pine on the floors which was one of my first projects as well eight years ago.

There is a living room, bedroom, bathroom and small kitchen (images of the kitchen can be seen from my
project last year of stripping the floors of many layers of
linoleum). My tastes run in the eclectic. I love to mix and match items.
I have a replica Venus deMilo garden sculpture that I added a denture maquette for the head. When I first bought my home I under took a big task of plastering the bathroom, living room and expansive hallway that leads to the down stairs. I had left the bedroom unfinished. I lived with the awful spiky popcorn texture my former land lady used throughout the house. A
major dust collector.

Finally I decided to embark on finishin
g the bed room. For plastering I use the simple drywall mud in the green container. It is far cheaper than the Venetian plastering kits you get at home improvement centers. I use a trowel to plaster the mud on to the walls. For a finished look I plaster the walls a second time after the mud is dry.

The first photo shows very plain walls. The paints I have chosen are from the Valspar National Historic Preservation colors. I planned on using a Russian or Scandinavian blue for my bedroom which gets plenty of light. I also choose a satin finish so the rooms would reflect light in the evening. The color combination is a metallic silver for the ceiling and while highlights. I used more silver components in the bedroom on the theory that aluminum wasvery expensive during the Victorian period. The Ikea picture hanging system lends itself nicely to an industrial look. The headboard was a salvaged coal burning fireplace mantle from the house across the street from Spazhouse. In fact most of the furniture in Spazhouse was acquired from Antique stores or even found objects that people wanted to get rid of. The crate book cases in the living room is a good example. The Historical Preservation office decided to get rid of plenty of antique peach crates. I snagged at least six.

I did use some brass and gold highlights from some aspects of the room which ties it nicely together, such as the toy
wall. White shelves with brass/gold hardware.

The living groom I decided on a richer color that was reminiscent of a drawing room. I found Montpelier Olive was a great color for a room that gets a muted amount of sun from the Camphor tree outside the window. I will eventually pain the ceiling a metallic gold color to compliment the bedroom's silver ceiling. Even though there is not a lot of steampunk style hardware I have been influenced by the use of juxtaposing elements to create room of curiosities. The tv stand was painted a brass color to go well with the olive walls. Same with the small book
stand near the window. I stained the toy rails a cherry
mahogany color for a richer look. I did leave one wall not
painted. I wanted as much reflective light as possible. I had made aluminum tiles from printing plates form the print
shop I work for. This gives off reflective light in what could have been a too dark
of a room if I had painted all the walls olive. And yes, I am really not into window treatments. the house sits so far back from the street I don't see the need.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My eyes

Last week I decided to get my eyes checked. Instead of getting my eyes dilated I went for the relatively new eye scanner. Dilation is such an annoyance as you lose your sight for the better part of the day. I was biking that day and that was not an option as I live in Florida and the sun is harsh. The exam was fine enough. Doctor gave a prescription for transitions, meaning bifocals even though I can read well up close, focusing is slowing. I opted to get single vision and take the glasses off.

The doctor had images of my eye exam and made him email them to me. These are images from the inside of my eyes. The light is the opening to the eye. They are very healthy eyes, reported by my doctor. How cool is science.

Friday, August 28, 2009

More Weekend Justice House - Welcome Doc, Hope you survive the Experience!

I know you folks have been wanting to see more of the Weekend Justice House, well here it is. We may have lost Scott C, wandering the vastness of Kim's Sim World but Kim has snagged some choice images. 

Kim has invited Sim Doc Ezra and his own bar to be part of the crazy Weekend Justice House. 

Pict. 1. Sim Widge welcomes Sim Doc.

Pict. 2. Doc and his bar.

Pict. 3. No flip flops on my feet.

Pict. 4. Why the Groucho Marx glasses and mustache, Sim Scott?

Pict. 5. I would need shoes to if I were in your situation, Sim Scott.

Pict. 6. Everyone needs sleep, even Sim Scott.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Weekend Justice House

As we have been chatting about the Weekend Justice House for sometime now on the Weekend Justice podcast, Kim has finally relented ( I have been pestering her since she mentioned she played the Sims) and passed on some screen shots. I am sharing them with you dear reader.  

Pict. 1. I must say Widge looks like Widge. 

Pict. 2. Ken Plume does not look happy at his Cheese computer. I know I would not be happy if I had that computer. It would melt here in Florida.

Pict. 3. Am I thinking of a quick get away from the police? Or as Kim had said I am contemplating a career in law enforcement? I had nothing to do with ScottC disappearance. I swear. 

Pict. 4. A nice shot of Kim and Tuffly enjoying a quiet moment amidst the chaos that is Weekend Justice House. And that is Kim's new hairstyle.

Okay, the tits are not bad. They are about a 30-32B. 

Friday, July 24, 2009

A New Weekend Justice Podcast is up - Hey Nice Shoes

Happy Friday to you all. A new Weekend Justice is online for your listening enjoyment. Spoilers for Torchwood. A new Sponsor, Osceola's Zeppelin Emporium, musings on comics, Harry Potter and more. Recommendations from me is Heroes of Lesser Earth.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Own A Zeppelin!

My good friend Rick send this latest image of me with my zeppelin the Osceola.

One more Image from Rick W

I call this the Sign of Three
Photo by Rick W. enhanced by Rick W.

Alli (left) Rick, Director of the Karpeles Manuscript Museum (middle), Rox of Spazhouse (right)

Games, Steampunk and Comics. Not in that order.

Top Photo Tintype I photo by Rox of Spazhouse, altered by Rick: Rick (left) and Katherine (right)
Second Photo Tin Type II Photo by Rick, enhanced by Rick: Rox of Spazhouse (left) Lizzie (right)
Third Photo: The Areomancer Photo by Rick: enhanced by Rick: Rox of Spazhouse 
Fourth Photo: Borneo Backstab: photo by Rox of Spazhouse, enhanced by Rick: Lizzie

Hello All. I am back sorry about the inconsistencies, but then if you want you can follow me on Twitter, roxofspazhous. 

Over the weekend I attended Jacksonville, FL Ancient City Con held at the Hyatt. During the two day convention there were plenty of games to play and people to see. I was there to support,, my friend Kevin Pettway's comic Heroes of Lesser Earth and the Cowford Steampunk Society. The convention had about 400 attendees for its third year. Hopefully there will be a fourth. My friend Kevin sold many of his currently 3 volume set of HOLE. I chatted with people about NeedCoffee and I helped out at the Steampunk booth that supported both the Jacksonville, Cowford Steampunk Society and St. Augustine's Ancient City Steampunks. Thanks to Dale and everyone for coming up our way.

Later in the evning on Saturday night Cowford sponsored a Steampunk Ball at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum. The museum was a really great venue for all of us steampunks to revel. We had entertainment from a tribal dance group and a punk group. Can't have steampunk without the punk. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and thank you to everyone who showed up. we have made new friends and met up with old friends. It was a great weekend.

In this post I am posting tin type photos that my friend Rick had taken of us at the Karpeles Museum. enjoy. More Steampunk photos to come.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Latest Weekend Justice & More

A very tired Roxanne has made it on to this week's Need Coffee's Weekend Justice. Please give a listen as we are also trying to make Needcoffee a 100% reader supported site. Please help us out in this venture and become a member.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A New Insane Weekend Justice

It is alternate Friday and that means a New Weekend Justice is waiting for you. Just Click on the Words and that will take you to the wonderful site of Needcoffee.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Spazhouse

Today is the first day of Summer and it was June 21st. of 2001 that I signed the papers to make Spazhouse mine. People have asked me over the years why the name Spazhouse. Well a few reasons actually. First the type of house I have. It is a converted carriage house that has two stories and is about 1200 square feet. At one point the first floor was open and stored a horse and buggy or just the buggy and the horse was housed elsewhere. The slab flooring which is cool in the summer and freezing in the winter slopes slightly to allow for easy cleanup. The lower floor has long been walled in with two front doors. The owners thought the lower lever would make an excellent office.

The upstairs living quarters were perhaps a maid's quarters or mother-in-law rooms. There are two large rooms living room and bedroom with bath and kitchen. The kitchen I believe was added on later as the material in the kitchen seems to be more of a back porch than an original kitchen. The ceilings upstairs are an impressive nine foot and the kitchen is about eight feet. Hence my theory that the kitchen was a back porch.

So, I have have living quarters upstairs with all the amenities, stairs that run to the lower level and a long hallway to the master front door. I had installed French doors to the lower lever with help from my boss who likes to work on houses. We had to break through three sets of walls and have Home Depot make a custom door jamb. The lower level has my art lab, small library, laundry and catch all room. I kind of think of the long single room that the second door or I like to call the servant's entrance door leads to the bike garage and laundry. 

There is a half bath that had been a problem area for the Landlord's in the past. One might call it the mouthway to Hell. or as my neighbor called it before the major clean up the Resident Evil Bathroom. I have disconnected all plumbing in that room until I see about re-plumbing the house. The Village idiot plumber my landlady employed had actually used cat litter in the toilet bowl. No one knows why he did this, all I know is that there are plenty of capped areas in my leadout to the sewers that cause me problems with clogs. The roots get into these caps that he made with bits of concrete. He could not be bothered with replacing the section. This allowed him repeat business. When it was found out how bad he was people dropped him like a hot potato. 

The age of the house is in question as there are several dates on different documents. One date lists 1901 and in the Riverside Avondale Preservation notations it is 1911. I would prefer it was the earlier date to at least 1910 (The year King Edward past away) This would make my house of the Edwardian period. This is an actual time period I enjoy for Steampunk wear.

The name Spazhouse comes from the shortened version of the word spastic. The house was and is to some extent disjointed and  uncoordinated in the flow of how a normal house works. The Riverside Avondale Preservation Association has listed my house as untraditional. This means that I can make adjustments to my home that do not have to adhere to the strict historical guidelines. Hence the bright red with blue and yellow trim color of the house.

In reading  in many of the 18th and 19th century literature I have noticed that manors and homes have their own names. Toad Hall for one, Brandybuck Hall from "Lord of the Rings" Falling Water of Frank Lloyd Wright, Jane Austin's books are full with homes that have names. So with those thoughts I had come up with the name Spazhouse.

The other cool thing about Spazhouse is that is cannot be seen from a satellite.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A New Weekend Justice is up

Tune in to the What would Quincy Do? Episode.

Brown Chicken, Brown Cow.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Full Contact Croquet & Bocce

Today was a great day playing croquet on the lawn of the Karpeles Manuscript Museum with the Cowford Steampunk Society. A genteel time was had by all.

Thanks to all the folks of the Cowford Steampunk Society who helped make a very nice picnic happen. 

It was a warm day, not as hot as last weekend, so I opted to wear tennis white and a straw top hat.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sometimes Things get weird When you Game

I belong to a very nice role playing gaming group. That is, we all know most of each other's idiosyncrasies and they don't bother each other that much. I am the type of gamer that likes to think outside the box or just make strange leaps of the imagination. Last night was no exception. Our group was asked to find the sister of a young woman. She claimed that her husband beats her. The group ventures over to said house to gain access to the sister. I came up with the weird idea of getting a milliner to make sort of an Elephant Man bag hat for the sister. I started this bad sketch and Lena had helped with some of the details.

Needless to say the sister was not there so the quest continues, but we do have this great fashion sketch.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Caffeine Appreciation Month

March was Caffeine appreciation month and we were as by my Friends at NeedCoffee to submit out best caffeinated love images. My Sister known as Scum and her family has really jumped to the task at hand. The image of many Star Wars figures praying to a Need Coffee Mug was exceptional. Funny without talking to her my own image was that of a Minnie Mouse mug guarded by some Dungeons and Dragons Figures. This way to the photos. Enjoy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Caffeine Appreciation Day/Month - Whatever

Widgett Walls at Need Coffee pointed out that it is the time for Caffeine Appreciation Month. I was playing D&D last night so I thought coffee and D&D. What a great combo. For last year's coffee gallery I had my niece pose with the great metal Scorpion at the Spazhouse estate.

This year I thought of a Minnie Mouse mug and some D&D Figurines.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I have a review of Starbucks New Instant Coffee

I spent Saturday testing and trying out Starbucks: Via Instant brew coffee. It is not a bad product as you can read over at

Friday, March 20, 2009

A new Weekend Justice is online The show Went on without me

And I am okay with that. A new Weekend Justice is online for downloading. Was was not available for recording as my friends and I were engaged in combat with some Ochre Jelly. (from Dungeons and Dragons campaign).

Happy weekend to you.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Popovers, Photos and Fund Raising

I love Yorkshire pudding and in the New York Times Sunday  Magazine there is a great article about a 1966 recipe for Popovers, the cousin to Yorkshire pudding. Enjoy.

I have some new photos for spring time.

Congratulations to my friends Ken Plume of and Widgett Walls of for raising money for UK's Red Nose Day. This is UK's Comic Relief. Remember that here? Sure you do. A long time ago. Anyway, Ken and Widge or variation of broadcasted online with a full chat room for 24 hours. I was able to online chat with my sister who lives on the west coast. Even though I listened in at the beginning I did not view the full over night activities. I conked out at 1:30 and came back at 5:45 for the extended Pee break song. Widge had fallen to adrenaline and caffeine. I did send a message about the importance to pacing.
Very special thanks to John Hodman who helped with the final stretch. They raised over 5,000 in US funds. Not bad for a small undertaking.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Weekend Justice - Pudding For Everyone

The actual title is The Pudding that came to Spazhouse.

So much building I need to do. A Thunderdome is a must for the front yard.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring is Here, add some Zombies

I took my camera around the neighborhood to get a few shots of the azalias in bloom for work. But I always make sure I take a toy or too with me. Since needcoffee wrote up about the new trend in Jane Austin and Zombies I thought I would get a few shots of some Zombies and flowers. This one is a nice shot. Zombie Granny with Ice Cream.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photo Tuesday

So here is the latest image for your enjoyment. The azalia's are coming into bloom and Valentine's day had just passed.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Two New Weekend Justices

Okay folks who ever you may be. There are two current Weekend Justices for your listening pleasure.

The  January episode has special guest Teri Garr.

And February 6th is insanely funny.


Friday, January 30, 2009

Something from the Draw Down

This is a cute litte drawing from the Draw Drown form MOCA Jacksonville.

So Let's Try this Again - Picture of the Week

It has been some sometime and now I will get back in the swing of working on projects. So I am continuing my Toy Series as I had received some new items over the Holiday.
This one is called Coffee Break