Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Weekend Justice House

As we have been chatting about the Weekend Justice House for sometime now on the Weekend Justice podcast, Kim has finally relented ( I have been pestering her since she mentioned she played the Sims) and passed on some screen shots. I am sharing them with you dear reader.  

Pict. 1. I must say Widge looks like Widge. 

Pict. 2. Ken Plume does not look happy at his Cheese computer. I know I would not be happy if I had that computer. It would melt here in Florida.

Pict. 3. Am I thinking of a quick get away from the police? Or as Kim had said I am contemplating a career in law enforcement? I had nothing to do with ScottC disappearance. I swear. 

Pict. 4. A nice shot of Kim and Tuffly enjoying a quiet moment amidst the chaos that is Weekend Justice House. And that is Kim's new hairstyle.

Okay, the tits are not bad. They are about a 30-32B. 


Margherita da Fiorenza said...

The funny thing is - the book Widge is reading is called "Zombies? Zombies!"

He went and got it himself and carries it around in his inventory.

Maegan said...

This is awesome-- thanks for posting the pics!