Friday, August 28, 2009

More Weekend Justice House - Welcome Doc, Hope you survive the Experience!

I know you folks have been wanting to see more of the Weekend Justice House, well here it is. We may have lost Scott C, wandering the vastness of Kim's Sim World but Kim has snagged some choice images. 

Kim has invited Sim Doc Ezra and his own bar to be part of the crazy Weekend Justice House. 

Pict. 1. Sim Widge welcomes Sim Doc.

Pict. 2. Doc and his bar.

Pict. 3. No flip flops on my feet.

Pict. 4. Why the Groucho Marx glasses and mustache, Sim Scott?

Pict. 5. I would need shoes to if I were in your situation, Sim Scott.

Pict. 6. Everyone needs sleep, even Sim Scott.

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