Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Games, Steampunk and Comics. Not in that order.

Top Photo Tintype I photo by Rox of Spazhouse, altered by Rick: Rick (left) and Katherine (right)
Second Photo Tin Type II Photo by Rick, enhanced by Rick: Rox of Spazhouse (left) Lizzie (right)
Third Photo: The Areomancer Photo by Rick: enhanced by Rick: Rox of Spazhouse 
Fourth Photo: Borneo Backstab: photo by Rox of Spazhouse, enhanced by Rick: Lizzie

Hello All. I am back sorry about the inconsistencies, but then if you want you can follow me on Twitter, roxofspazhous. 

Over the weekend I attended Jacksonville, FL Ancient City Con held at the Hyatt. During the two day convention there were plenty of games to play and people to see. I was there to support,, my friend Kevin Pettway's comic Heroes of Lesser Earth and the Cowford Steampunk Society. The convention had about 400 attendees for its third year. Hopefully there will be a fourth. My friend Kevin sold many of his currently 3 volume set of HOLE. I chatted with people about NeedCoffee and I helped out at the Steampunk booth that supported both the Jacksonville, Cowford Steampunk Society and St. Augustine's Ancient City Steampunks. Thanks to Dale and everyone for coming up our way.

Later in the evning on Saturday night Cowford sponsored a Steampunk Ball at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum. The museum was a really great venue for all of us steampunks to revel. We had entertainment from a tribal dance group and a punk group. Can't have steampunk without the punk. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and thank you to everyone who showed up. we have made new friends and met up with old friends. It was a great weekend.

In this post I am posting tin type photos that my friend Rick had taken of us at the Karpeles Museum. enjoy. More Steampunk photos to come.

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angrymartini said...

I love these photos. I think I would enjoy going to the picnics just to take photos.