Sunday, May 2, 2010

There be a Dragon in my neighborhood

While out for my evening constitutional I came across the very curious flyer posted to a telephone pole near my Publix. I went home to get my camera and bike to photograph the poster and see if there are others like this one posted. The flyer was near a bus stop but was meant to be viewed from the sidewalk. No one had noticed it until I started to photograph it. A guy stopped to read and moved on without any comment. There were no other flyers near by even though there is a busy intersection barely a block from this telephone pole.

As you can see there is no phone number and a badly copied emblem of the Florida wildlife department. This makes me think we have a hoax on our hands. Though It would be cool to say, "There is a large dragon loose in Riverside, everybody stay calm".

The designer of the poster should have used some bold type. Catching someone's eye is the most important item in graphic design.

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