Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dragon Con 2011 ReCap

Recap day 1 of Dragon Con
For those of us who trek to Nerdy Gras, AKA Dragon Con 2011 are now back in to our real lives again. Dragon Con celebrated its 25th year and it was just as great as all the previous years that I have attended. Each year is different as there are new interests and old favorites that make each year special. Yes, we go to see our favorite actors and artists. But as William Shatner said in his panel S&*T My Captain Says, Panel II "Most fans come to these conventions to see each other" Yes it is a gathering. Like the tailgaters at football games who can see each other every week for football season, we fans of geekdom make our pilgrimage to the largest fan convention (fan conventions are different from say the Comic Cons) once a year. And do we do it right. Starting on Thursday with pre-registration badge line. If you get there early you run into people you see from far away to hang out until the doors open. From the time the doors open we were done in a half an hour. But we did stand in line for an hour and a half.

Thursday day, a group of us will use the down time for a soak in the Marriott hot tub. Then it is off to the High Museum to take in a bit of culture. Dinner was at Havali with some Brit Track folk. Stopped off at the Hyatt to say hello to some Need Coffee folk and from guests of the convention. Security was nice enough to hold my bike at the concierge desk as it was causing a traffic jam with people taking photos of it. I had the bike locked so I was not too worried about it. Thanks Hyatt security!

Thursday night for the Need Coffee Dot Com, The Unique Geek, and some guys form a Site Called Fred venture over to Trader Vics for Big Mike's Show. It is also Fez night, and night of bonding with others who wear will wear crazy looking fez's to the more traditional red fez. I have a real Shriner's fez. The night had great drinks and good fun.

The great thing about Dragon Con is you don't have to always travel in a designated group as everyone has different tastes. Most of the time I reach a designation and find people I know there. well Thursday was great!

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