Thursday, January 14, 2010

Photo of the Day: Have a Sandwich Mr. Cthulhu

Malpertius of the Twitterverse and her site Far from the Maddening Crowd sent me a great care package of
wonderful things found at the HP Lovecraft Filmfestival in October of last year. I received
two of their posters, one with the art of Mike Mignola and the current tentacle 2009 poster. I also have a shirt form the fest and some
ultra cool HPL buttons and some books. One with the works of Alergernon Blackwood.

Then there was the cool toys in a jar. I love little toys and this jar was such a surprise. I like to photograph small toys
in situations that could convey some emotion. So now I have a new project. I will see about photographing
the toys I have received.

The first one I am calling "Have a Sandwich Mr. Cthulhu. I bought a bag of Cthulhu's some time ago and thought
the juxtaposition of the bunny and the little Cthulhu would be a playful composition.

Tag; toys, Lovecraft, Cthulhu

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